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The aim of this project is to produce a Open Source (LGPL) framework to support the creation of browser based multiplayer games with Java and XSL.

What kind of game do we think of?

We are not thinking of a single special game. Our aim is to have a technical base to play with real people over the net. We have some ideas for real games, maybe somewhat like board games but just for larger audiences (say 10 players).

So actually anything which is playable with more than one player is interesting. There might be computerized opponents, but only to augment playing people never as a main target.

The focus will rather be turn based games, so games will probably not be real time, but turns may be anything between a turn a minute and a turn a day or even longer.

Yes, an email chess service would fit in this describtion, but you better expect games to come which have not yet been invented.

What components will GameFrame consist of?

GameFrame is planned to consist of the following major components:
  • An abstract framework to modell turn based multiplayer games.
  • An implementation of modified Numfield within above framework as a test and show case.
  • A registration service to register players and allow them personalized access.
  • A XSLT based front end to create the HTML displayed in the players browsers
  • More games as soon as we have a basic system running.

What is the current status?

Well, the current status, might have allready changed. See on the SourceForge project summary, what is going on.

What tools will we use in GameFrame?

Everything what we need. Definately needed will be:
  • Java, Suns J2SDK 1.4.1 seems to be a relyable, fast and portable base.
  • Many of the Java add-ons like JavaMail, JDBC, JSSE might be needed from time to time.
  • XML Tools, the stuff within J2SDK1.4.1 might be the wrong ones, for example the Piccolo Parser will help us.
  • XSLT Tools, same problem as XML tools. Look for Saxon.
  • Some database engine, probably MySQL or Hypersonic SQL.
  • A Servlet Container, Resin is a nice one, but Tomcat should also work.
  • Jakarta Ants will be helpfull, though probably mandatory.
  • CVS will be used to store our source on SourceForge.
  • Probably some stuff more Jakarta tools.
  • Some brain time
In general the standardization of XML, XSLT, Servlet and SQL components with Java is so advanced that we'd like to keep such components exchangeable by using the standard API's exclusively.

What can I do to help GameFrame?

Well, we need people fluent or willing to tech themselves in above tools. Some knowledge of Java seems to be very helpful, since Patrick and Frank have basic knowledge in all of the above tools and are willing to share.

In a later stage of the project we might need people with game ideas or interested in cool HTML design.

How are we going to proceed with GameFrame?

Generally we'd prefer a Bazaar organization of the project. This is we have no plans, but lots of ideas and expectations, but anyone who can do something can immediately throw it in.

What is Spieleck?

Well Spieleck is a tiny little server, privately sponsored and maintained, to host various private projects. Spieleck might become the internet test environment for the first running versions of GameFrame.
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